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women's sexual health: Are Female Sexual Health Problems Killing Your Marriage?

women's sexual health

Marriage is a sacred and very strong bond. Yet many married couples seem to be struggling in retaining the intimacy in their marriage that could have been distanced by many factors including age, stress of raising children, very tight and busy work schedules, and probably the most common: loss of sex and passion. These two are the main recipe for intimacy, they are not only significant within the limits of the bedroom, but are also essential in both male and female sexual health.

Some people may deem the loss in sex drive as nothing but a meager threat in a relationship. But when nothing is done about it, it could lead a marriage into a miserable turn by shattering the intimacy between the couple. So basically, what started off as a little decline in men / women's sexual health may actually grow to being the main cause of a marriage's demise.

Although both genders experience the loss of desire in sex, women experience it more than men do, the numbers being greatly multiplied by the fact that almost all birth control pills bring an inevitable side effect - loss of sex drive. Birth control pills restrain ovulation, which is the part of a woman's cycle wherein her sex drive is at its peak. Obviously, this makes female orgasm difficult, if not impossible to achieve.

As men's redemption of their lost libido has been solved by the efficacy of the products addressed specifically for them, women have found the solution for their problems in the shape of female libido supplements. These supplements not only help a woman boost or reclaim her lost sex drive but it also helps in providing her with vitamins, stimulants, hormone-like compounds, anti-aging qualities, anti-oxidants and nutrients which are essential in promoting a well-rounded female sexual health.

Female sexual supplements are now widely available in many different forms. Ranging from creams and oils to the more common form of pills. These products are guaranteed to act as a female libido booster, to help a woman reclaim her lost drive and bring back the intense intimacy within a couple's sexual relationship. More importantly, it helps a woman achieve a rounded sense of well being by bringing back her confidence in her sexual health.

As the availability of female libido supplements become prolific, more of the challenge is left to reside in how a woman could find the most appropriate product for her. The best guide in this daunting process would be through the aid of reviews conducted by experts on the top female libido supplements, and weigh down its efficacy through the help of women who had experienced using the products for themselves.

As we now know, products such as these are not only intended for the recovery and increase of women's lost sex drive, but also to help them regain their confidence and bring back the drive in womens sexual health. By its benevolence, it could even rekindle a broken relationship that's caused by loss of intimacy, passion, and sex. It could even save a marriage that shared the same fate, but only if the couple cooperates with its wondrous benefits and work hard on their relationship.

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women's sexual health: Increase Libido and Improve Sexual Satisfaction Naturally

women's sexual health

If your sexual desire has fallen and you don't find sex satisfying anymore, you should consider using the combination of herbs enclosed which will improve sexual health and overall wellness at the same time. Let's look at the combination of herbs and see how and why they work...

Before we look at the herbs themselves lets look at some common causes of libido problems.

Sluggish blood circulation is a major problem and it's a fact that sexual desire and satisfaction are based on strong blood flow to and into the sex organs. Any woman with libido problems is likely to have blood circulation problems. Low levels of testosterone and estrogen are another problem, as both are needed for peak sexual wellness, otherwise intercourse can become painful and sex drive will plummet.

In women's sexuality, the mind plays a key role and stress and anxiety are known passion killers. For a woman to be able to relax and concentrate on sex, the mind needs to be free of worry, relaxed and have correct hormonal balance.

The combination of herbs below, will improve sexual health and cure all the problems we have looked at above.

Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa increases testosterone production, helps the body relax and enhances sensitivity in the vagina.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai helps to balance blood sugar levels, estrogen levels and assists the mind achieve correct hormonal balance. The herb acts as a blood tonic and improves overall circulation throughout the body. The herb is seen as one of the best for overall women's health and is packed with nutrients. Dong Quai is frequently taken to combat symptoms caused by PMT and the menopause.


Is a well known tonic herb which helps to increase blood flow to all areas of the body and to the pelvic region. It is also known to lift energy levels, enhance mood and assist in testosterone production.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo increases blood and oxygen flow to the brain and throughout the body. It increases metabolism efficiency, regulates neurotransmitters and fights stress and fatigue.

Shunthi (Ginger)

Ginger has been used as a tonic herb for thousands of years to increase libido and works by, increasing blood circulation to all areas of the body and acting as a general heart tonic.


Schisandra is used to treat cardiovascular symptoms associated with the menopause. Schisandra has a vasodilatory effect which increases blood flow to the pelvic region and the herb also acts as a phytoestrogen.

Satavri Extract (Asparargus Recemosus)

Shatavri strengthens and increases muscle tone, moistens the dry tissues of the female sex organs, increases overall body strength and enhances levels of testosterone in the body.

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women's sexual health: Reason and Cure

women's sexual health

Women sexual health, considered a social taboo for long, is now openly discussed not just among medical experts but also among people in general and in mainstream media. This has given appreciable shift to the way the problem was looked at, understood and cure discovered. Lack of sexual desire or low libido is the main sexual health problem with women. To some this lack of desire goes off after creating a temporary hiccup between the sheets, but to others it persists permanently. Arousal difficulty, inability to experience orgasm, anxiety about sexual performance, failure to derive pleasure from sex and pain during the intercourse is other problems potentially affecting women's sexual health.

Effective cure of any problem lies on the bedrock of valid reasons. So, before we rush to seek cure, it would be unjustified on our part not giving you a clue to the reasons on which the sound cure is always based. A balancing act of hormonal secretion in the body is required to keep sexual health on the track. Hormonal issues are important in women sexual health problem. Hormone imbalances, like lower secretion of estrogen and testosterone can reduce the sexual desire to a very low level. Blood flow in genital areas and sex organs are as important in maintaining libido. Complications like high blood pressure and diabetes need medical treatment for they effectively restrict blood flow in genital areas. Mind also plays key role in sexual health. A healthy mind on a healthy body increases sexual performance to a remarkable degree, whereas mind fraught with stress, anxiety, depression can crumble the sexual desire. Besides these important reasons, medication side-effects, nerve damage, sexual infection, neurological disorder, relationship problems are other important reasons why women confront with sexual health problem.

Herbs can work wonder in bringing the weak and deteriorating libido on track. They are the tested and result proven medicine for the libido upliftment.

Damiana is a herb proven to have magical effect on stress, anxiety, depression. It helps body relax. At the same time it also stream lines hormone imbalances.

Choraka (Dong Quai) increases estrogen level. Its lower secretion is one of the main reasons of libido fragility. At the same time it also helps maintain blood sugar level in the body, improve blood circulation and keep the sex organs healthy.

Satavri extract (Asparargus Recemosus) acts on muscles, tissues and organs. Pain in sexual intercourse can be removed with this for the herb moistens dry tissues of female sexual organs. This herb also plays a role in maintaining the secretion of testosterone, without which sexual desire declines.

Ashwagandha "Indian Ginseng" promotes overall sexual health. Besides there are other herbs like Schisandra, Ginkgo Biloba, Kumari (Aloe), Avena Sativa, etc have proven effect on the debilitating libido. Avena Sativa is important in giving relaxation to body and mind and in increasing sensitivity in female sexual organ. Whereas Gingko counters neurological and circulatory problems. Schisandra increases blood flow to the sex organ.

Therefore it is evident from the description that for every 'women sexual health problem', there is a herb to take care of. Sex pills made of theses invaluable herbs, together with healthy diet and healthy interpersonal relationship can reignite the passion by working on the entire women sexual health problem.

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women's sexual health: Increasing it Naturally With Proven Herbs

women's sexual health

Here we will look at womens sexual health and while much has been written on lack of male sex drive, many women lose their libido and here we are going to look at the key causes and how to reignite it naturally...

Let's look at the physical causes first.

Lack of nitric oxide and poor blood circulation. This is the chemical which plays a vital role in dilating the blood vessels which allows stronger blood flow to genitals increasing sexual pleasure providing a satisfying orgasm. For peak sexual wellness you must have strong blood flow to the sexual organs and it's also vital for overall well being.

Low testosterone is another cause. Although seen as male hormone it is also vital for women's sexual health.

Another common cause is low levels of estrogen which plays a critical role in women's sexuality. Low estrogen levels are associated with lack of sex drive, arousal, and issues which make intercourse painful.

Mind and Spirit

While physical problems can result in loss of libido there are mental issues which can sap sex drive.
Stress, Fatigue, anxiety and tiredness can all affect libido, making you feel not in the mood.

It's important therefore to enhance mood and this comes from a brain which is nourished, receives well oxygenated blood, and has correct hormonal balance. When your spirit is filled with feelings of well being, you feel happier, you feel sensual, and you are in the mood for sex.

Let's look at some herbs to lift libido and start with one which is known as the ultimate herb for women:

Dong Quai

Contains vitamins E, A and B12 and high in tannins. Medical research has identified at least six coumarin derivatives that exert antispasmodic and vasodilatory effects. The essential oil in dong quai contains Ligustilide, butylphthalide, Ferulic acid and various polysaccharides. These elements can help reduce blood clotting and relax peripheral blood vessels.

Here are some of the ways it helps libido

" Enhances the effects of ovarian and testicular hormones

" Helps regulating blood sugar levels and lowers blood pressure

" Relieves insomnia

" Brings relief from symptoms of PMS, migraine headaches, abdominal pain and arthritis

" Helps resume normal menstruation after using birth control pills

" Acts as a mild sedative to relive both stress and anxiety

" Strengthens internal reproductive organs, helps with endometriosis and internal bleeding or bruising

" Relieves menopausal conditions like vaginal dryness and hot flushes

This herb is simply a great one for women to take and acts as a base to build on - now let's add in some other powerful herbs to compliment it.


This herb is well known for its affect on sex drive and positive effects on the reproductive organs. Damiana acts to relax the body and mind reducing stress and anxiety. It is also known to relieve headaches during menstruation. Finally, it helps to balance female hormone levels and control hot flushes.


Shatavri strengthens and increases muscle tone, moistens dry tissues of the female sexual organs, kidneys, stomach and lungs, and increases overall body strength. Shatavri also helps increase levels of testosterone in the body naturally.


Schisandra has a vasodilatory effect which increases blood flow to the female pelvic region.


Ashwagandha energizes and rejuvenates the body and is a great tonic herb. It combats stress and tiredness and enhances vitality. It is a great herb for promoting overall sexual and reproductive balance.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo has acts as a brain tonic that enhances memory because of its effect on the vascular system, and as a treatment for a number of neurological and circulatory problems. It is also a great blood tonic enhancing blood flow to the pelvic region.

Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa helps the body relax and enhances sensitivity of the whole vagina region.

The above combination of herbs combat both the physical and mental issues that can sap sex drive and enhances overall wellbeing at the same time.

Today, many companies are realizing its not just men that suffer from low libido, there are millions of wome These compaines are responding by blending powerful herbal pills, containing the above ingredients and more, to help women's overall wellness and sexual health.

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